Contact me and check the availability of the cover you like. I usually reply within 12/24 hours.

If you need a change, just ask. Font changes are free if I already own the font you like or if the font is available for free. But please, note that I won’t download any “free” font without a proper license. The only site I trust for free fonts is

Other changes might costs you a small fee, depending on the kind of work you ask.

I will ask you to make the payment and to send me the title of your book, the author’s name and eventual tags/name of the series/book number.

I will prepare your cover and send it to you within 24/48 hours in 2 different sizes with a 3D version for promotional purposes.


If you need a custom cover, I will ask you to pay 50% in advance and to fill a questionnaire.

After my first checking of the answers, I might give you a few links to look for the images (usually people) needed, so that I won’t be back with drafts with details which don’t suit perfectly the story (not all the details might be given in the questionnaire and therefore the images I find might not be exactly as you imagine the characters or the places).

I will be back with 3 or more preliminary drafts. These are often very basic, most of the times made of low resolution images I haven’t bought yet and are for the designer and the client only. You cannot show them on forums or groups also because some of the stock image sites I use don’t allow their comp images to be shown publicly. Once you chose one of the drafts, I will buy the high resolution images and remade the cover with them and take much more care about details. From now, there will be an exchange of emails and drafts till you are satisfy. At this point I will send you the final drafts for you to check for the last time and give me your OK. You will be asked to pay for the remaining amount and I will send you the cover in two sizes and a 3D version for promotional purposes.

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